Rehab to Fitness Class

Rehab Your Fitness!

Our goal is to get everyone moving and feeling awesome.  These classes are fun, dynamic, and focused on proper technique. Expect a full training session including warm up and cool down, correctives and rehabilitation based on your specific needs, all while using many training tools such as: Kettlebells, FMT bands, pilates balls, mini-bands, barbell, etc. 

In order to keep our commitment to safe and effective training, classes are limited to six participants. Every movement is tailored to meet your needs, building stability and mobility to maximize your functionality. Assessments are routinely done to monitor improvements and ensure you are being adequately challenged. Following class you will receive your personalized correctives (rehab routine) to follow from home with online support from our team until your next class.   

Don't wait join joint theses classes!  Contact Jose directly at: or 613-262-6157.

*Rehab fitness classes are not massage therapy nor osteopathy treatments.  Payment is excepted in full at the beginning of the month, as a monthly payment, and participants are not eligible for massage therapy nor osteopathy treatment receipts.